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Software developer since 1985. Started in Cobol, moved via Clipper/VB to Delphi. Delphi developer since 1998. Sniffing at C# and playing around with javascript and some php for websites. Coaching new employees and less experienced developers. Focused on software architecture and SOLID design. Keenly interested in user experience and usability.


When you ask a question, show your effort, provide all the details that will help someone to help you and be precise.


When you answer a question, don't just paste your code. Your answers will be much better when you explain why your code is doing what it does and how it achieves the asker's goal. It makes it a whole lot easier to follow along. As it is I am much more inclined to up-vote answers that have explanatory text about what the code is doing and why it is written as it is.

Answers that just contain links aren't likely to get an up-vote from me either


Obligatory link whenever someone thinks they are improving security by imposing all sorts of rules on password composition: Password strength

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