Just now I found spam in the tag wiki (suggested edits), but I couldn't flag the post as spam - just reject it as vandalism. Does this vandalism rejection end up in moderator log somewhere or does it disappear in cyber space?

Just curious...

tag wiki edit suggested

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If one of the moderators are in chat, @ reply to us with a link to the edit/user profile and tell us what's up.

Otherwise just reject it. If it's a single edit it doesn't matter much; there's nothing a 1 rep spam user can really do without any peer review (aside from spam in their own profile description, which isn't a problem really). If it's lots of edits, still reject them (on the off chance someone accepts them mistakenly/with good intentions...or bad ones) but definitely ping one of the mods in chat and we can suspend/destroy the account.

Generally spammers are one-off so a single rejection or two is enough. In this case I've gone and destroyed the user though; they were clearly just a spammer.

Thanx Ben. Now I know! :-) – Benny Skogberg Oct 12 '12 at 13:30

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